ACH 48th Annual Conference PRE-CIRCULATED PAPERS:

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Panel #1: Crossing Lines through Cultural Exchange

Danay Ramos Ruiz, Universidad de la Habana, Cuba, “Iniciativas culturales de las Antillas hispanas: entre la República española y el New Deal” (Click Here for PDF)

Ernesto Dominguez Lopez, Universidad de la Habana, Cuba, “Los Cubanos del Norte: Migración, política y la comunidad cubana en Estados Unidos” (Click Here for PDF)

Rodney Worrell, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, “Cricket and Pan-African Protest in Barbados, 1966-92” (Click Here for PDF)

Antonio Sotomayor, University of Illinois, “Caribbean Soccer: Hispanoamericanismo and Silencing Fútbol in Puerto Rico, 1898-1920s” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #2: Between Black and White

Christine Walker, Texas Tech University, “Born Again: Baptized Out of Slavery in Colonial Jamaica”
(Click Here for PDF)

Jessica Pierre-Louis, Université des Antilles et de la Guyane AIHP/ GEODE,  “Wealth and Racial Categorization of the Free people of Color in Martinique in the Eighteenth Century” (Click Here for PDF)

Maria Cecilia Ulrickson, University of Notre Dame, “From Tenant to Vagrant: The Criminalization of Free People of Color in late-colonial Santo Domingo” (Click Here for PDF)

Rana Hogarth, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, “To ‘excite the curiosity, and gratify the beholder’: Race, Place, and ‘Piebalds’ in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic” (Click Here for PDF)

Daniel Livesay, Claremont McKenna College, “Mixed Race Migrants to Britain and Jamaica’s Transition to Freedom” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #3: The Transition between Slavery and Freedom

Randy Browne, Xavier University, “Slave Drivers in Nineteenth-Century British Guiana and Cuba”
(Click Here for PDF)

Kit Candlin, University of Newcastle, “Crime on the Edge of Freedom: A Grenadian Slave called José and his owner Judith Philip” (Click Here for PDF)

Jeffrey Kerr-Ritchie, Howard University, “Freedom’s Bondage: Against the Whig Interpretation of Emancipation” (Click Here for PDF)

Alain El Youssef, Universidade de São Paulo, “Abolicionismo hispano-cubano y la crisis de la escavitud en Bresil: Ley Moret (1870) y Ley del Vientre Libre (1871)” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #4: Cuba y el Caribe: historias e historiografías

Rolando Álvarez, Instituto Cubano de Radio y Televisión, “Cuba en el Caribe y el Caribe en Cuba: las migraciones de antillanos en las primeras décadas del siglo XX” (Click Here for PDF)

Wilfredo Padrón, Universidad de Pinar del Río, “Francisco de Miranda y el Caribe Insular: a propósito del 210 aniversario de su expedición libertadora y el bicentenario de su muerte” (Click Here for PDF)

Rene Villaboy, Universidad de La Habana, “Las Revoluciones en el Caribe: estudios desde la historiografía cubana” (Click Here for PDF)

Arturo Sorhegui, Universidad de La Habana, “Dificultades para el mejor conocimiento de la historia caribeña presente en la pérdida de su complementariedad económica comercial a fines del XIX y durante el siglo XX” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #5: Struggles for Freedom

Marjoleine Kars, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, “A War within a War: Ethnic Conflict in the 1763 Berbice Slave Rebellion” (Click Here for PDF)

Bridget Brereton, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, “Morant Bay and Trinidad”
(Click Here for PDF)

Gad Heuman, Warwick University, “Gender and Protest at Morant Bay and in the Post-Emancipation Caribbean” (Click Here for PDF)

Swithin Wilmot, University of the West Indies, Mona, “George William Gordon and Black Politics in Free Jamaica” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #6: Maritime Movements

Mary Draper, University of Virginia, “Forging and Maintaining the Maritime Hinterlands of Barbados and Jamaica” (Click Here for PDF)

Elena Schneider, University of California, Berkeley, “African Diaspora during European War: The British Siege and Occupation of Havana (1762-3)” (Click Here for PDF)

Jessica Roitman, Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast and Caribbean Studies, “Land of Hope and Dreams: Slavery and Abolition on the Dutch Leeward Islands” (Click Here for PDF)

James Alexander Dun, Princeton University, “A Revolution Unthought: Commerce, News and the Making of the Haitian Revolution in Early America” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #7: The Illicit Caribbean

David Wheat, Michigan State University, “A Sixteenth-Century Slaving Hub: São Tomé and the Spanish Caribbean” (Click Here for PDF)

Gabriel de Avilez Rocha, New York University, “Azorean-Caribbean Connections in the Late Sixteenth Century” (Click Here for PDF)

April Hatfield, Texas A&M University, “English Pirates’ Illegal Slave Trading, as Described in Spanish Sanctuary Records” (Click Here for PDF)

Gregory O’Malley, University of Santa Cruz, “Intra-Caribbean Slave Smuggling and Tangled Lines of Migration in the African Diaspora” (Click Here for PDF)

Dave Gosse, University of the West Indies, Mona, “Abolition and the Illegal Slave Trade between Jamaica and Cuba, 1807-1833” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #8: Las Antillas salvarán el mundo. El Caribe en la estrategia de José Martí para el equilibrio de América y del mundo. Un proyecto político y cultural

José Antonio Bedia, Centro de Estudio Martianos, “Rumbos del antillanismo martiano. Identidad y trascendencia” (Click Here for PDF)

Ibrahim Hidalgo, Centro de Estudio Martianos, “La hermandad cultural de las Antillas en el proyecto emancipador martiano” (Click Here for PDF)

Rodolfo Sarracino, Centro de Estudio Martianos, “Las Antillas en el proyecto martiano del equilibrio internacional” (Click Here for PDF)

Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, Centro de Estudio Martianos, “La república martiana en el porvenir de las Antillas” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #9: Caribbean Commodities and Industries

Kevin McDonald, Loyola Marymount University, “‘Sailors of the Woods’: Logwood and the Spectrum of Piracy” (Click Here for PDF)

Jordan Smith, Georgetown University, “‘Essential in the Still House’: Valuing Enslaved Expertise in the Caribbean Rum Complex” (Click Here for PDF)

David Singerman, Harvard Business School, “The Limits of Control in the Ingenio Central, 1860-1935”
(Click Here for PDF)

Oscar Zanetti-Lecuona, Instituto de Historia de Cuba, “The State and Sugar Economies in the Spanish Antilles” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #10: Labor and Migration during the Early Twentieth Century

Rose Mary Allen, University of Curaçao, “Making Freedom: The Female Face of Twentieth-Century Labor Migration from the English-speaking Caribbean to Curaçao” (Click Here for PDF)

Margriet Fokken, University of Groningen, “The Sight of Jhandi and Taziyas: Place-making Practices of Hindustani Immigrants in Suriname between 1873 and 1921 in Comparative Perspective”
(Click Here for PDF)

Anasa Hicks, New York University, “Speaking of Cities: Domestic Service and Oral History in Post-War Eastern Cuba” (Click Here for PDF)

Janette Gayle, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, “West Indian and African American Dressmakers: Migration, the Politics of Sartorial Style, and Black Claims to Citizenship in Early Twentieth-Century New York” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #11: Ripples of the Cuban Revolution

Jean-Pierre Sainton, Université des Antilles, Guadeloupe and Gilbert Pago, Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maitres de la Martinique (IUFM), “La réception de la révolution cubaine en Martinique et en Guadeloupe  (1959-1968)” (Click Here for PDF)

Sylvain Mary, Université Paris-Sorbonne, “The Cuban Revolution and the French West Indies in the context of Franco-Cuban Relations during the Cold War” (Click Here for PDF)

Rolande Bosphore Perou, Universite des Antilles, Martinique, “Les tentatives de transposition du message revolutionnaire cubain aux Antilles” (Click Here for PDF)

Takkara Brunson, University of Pennsylvania, “Mapping Black Women’s Mobility in Havana before the Cuban Revolution” (Click Here for PDF)

Devyn Spence Benson, Louisiana State University, “Writing Cuba’s Revolution into Caribbean Nationalism: Walterio Carbonell Meets Aimé Césaire” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #12: Africa’s Reach

Kofi Boukman Barima, Jackson State University, “Cutting Across Space and Time: Obeah’s Service to Afro-Jamaica’s Freedom Struggle in Slavery and Emancipation, 1824-1865” (Click Here for PDF)

Myles Osborne, University of Colorado, “‘Mau Mau are Angels… Sent by Haile Selassie’: Reading a Kenyan Guerrilla War in the 1950s Caribbean” (Click Here for PDF)

Jean-Pierre Bat, Archives Nationales, “Le souffle afro-cubain : Cuba, Brazzaville et la Révolution en Afrique Atlantique (1959-1977)” (Click Here for PDF)

Rachel Rubin, University of Massachusetts, “‘People’s Friendship’ in the Cold War: Caribbean Nations and Moscow’s Patrice Lumumba Friendship University” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #13: Caribbean Heritage and Heritage Tourism

John Hogue, Bard Early College, “Planning for Paradise: The Anglo-American Caribbean Commission’s Tourism Survey and Tourism Development (1943-46)” (Click Here for PDF)

Arnaldo Codero-Roman, Stockton University, ““Imájenes Disen/Imágenes dicen (Images Say…)”
(Click Here for PDF)

Orlando Deavila Petruz, University of Connecticut, “Heritage Tourism and Popular Politics in Cartagena, Colombia” (Click Here for PDF)

Allison Ramsay, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, “The Square, the Compass and Caribbean Heritage: Perspectives from Barbados” (Click Here for PDF)

Celia Naylor, Barnard College, “The White Witch and Enslaved Ghosts of Rose Hall: Reinscribing Slavery in Contemporary Tours at Rose Hall Great House, Jamaica” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #14:  Environmental Transformations

Matthew Mulcahy, Loyola University and Stuart Schwartz, Yale University, “Nature’s Battalions: Insects as Agricultural Pests in the Early Modern Caribbean” (Click Here for PDF)

Allyson Poska, University of Mary Washington, “Race, Slavery and Health in the Royal Expedition to bring Smallpox Vaccination to the Spanish Empire, 1803-1806” (Click Here for PDF)

José Sola, Cleveland State University, “‘Killing the Perfect Beast’: The Eradication of Malaria in Puerto Rico’s Sugar Fields, 1910-45” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #15: “El Estudio del Tráfico de Esclavos en el Contexto de las Nuevas Tecnologías Digitales”

David Eltis, Emory University, “The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database: New Developments and Implications for the Study of the Slave Trade” (Click Here for PDF)

Henry Lovejoy, Michigan State University, “The Liberated Africans Project” (Click Here for PDF)

Walter Hawthorne, Dean Rehberger, and Ethan Watrall, Michigan State University, “Slave Biographies: The Atlantic Slave Database Network Project” (Click Here for PDF)

Jorge Felipe, Andrew Barsom, Michigan State University, “Baptism Record Database for Slave Societies” (Click Here for PDF)

Panel #16: Caribbean Identities

Haens Beltran Alonso and Jency Mendoza Otero, Universidad de Cienfuegos, “Influencia de la masonería en la conformación de una identidad caribeña” (Click Here for PDF)

Margo Groenewoud, University of Curaçao,  “‘And Children You Remain’: Democracy and Belonging in Mid-20th Century Curaçao” (Click Here for PDF)

Ronald Williams, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, “The Quest and Struggle for Freedom: A Case Study of the Grenada Revolution” (Click Here for PDF)

Myra Ann Houser, Ouachita Baptist University, “Facilitating the Revolution: Cuba Between Central America and Southern Africa, 1980s” (Click Here for PDF)