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Panel #1: Compensation and Reparations

Anne Ulentin, College of the Bahamas, “Securing their Future: Haiti’s Free People of Color and the 1825 Indemnity” (PDF Download)

Jane Baxter, DePaul University, “Negotiations for Compensations: Bahamian Slaveholders in 1834” (PDF Download)

Gelien Matthews, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, “British Slave Apologies: An Appraisal” (PDF Download)

Amy Strecker, Leiden University, “Reparations for Native Genocide?: The Indigenous Dimensions to the Reparations Discourse in the Caribbean” (PDF Download)

Panel #2: The Local and the Global in Twentieth-Century Health Campaigns

Juanita de Barros, McMaster University, “Following Trade and the Flag: Researching Health in Twentieth-Century Jamaica” (PDF Download)

Debbie W. McCollin, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, “A Culture of Cooperation: The West Indian Inter-Colonial Tuberculosis Conference of 1913” (PDF Download)

Glenn O. Phillips, Morgan State University, “Training Caribbean Women to be Health Care Professionals in Barbados: The Work of Dr. Charles J.B. Cave, 1929-1939” (PDF Download)

Henrice Altink, University of York, “A Black Scourge?: Race and the Rockefeller’s Tuberculosis Commission in interwar Jamaica” (PDF Download)

Nicole Boubonnais, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, “Blessed or Cursed with the Talent of Having Children: Contrasting Views on Caribbean Reproductive Health and Culture in the Mid-Twentieth Century” (PDF Download)

Panel #3: Military Encounters during the Revolutionary Era

Douglas Hamilton, University of Winchester, “Officers and Planters: The Royal Navy and Caribbean Society” (PDF Download)

Geoffrey Ward, Ph.D. Student, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, “Captain Kelly’s Do: The Bridgetown Riot at the Outbreak of Hostilities with the French in 1778” (PDF Download)

Elena Schneider, University of California, Berkeley, “American Revolutions: The Role of Cuba in North American Independence” (PDF Download)

Neil Kennedy, Memorial University, “Justice without Prejudice: Subjecthood and Speculation in Cases of Black Colonial Sailors Enslaved in the U.S. South” (PDF Download)

David Lambert, University of Warwick, “Africa’s Sons under Arms: Changing Perceptions of the British West Indian Regiments in the Caribbean, 1795-1838” (PDF Download)

Panel #4: Richard Dunn’s A Tale of Two Plantations

Alison Games, Georgetown University (PDF Download)

Roderick A. McDonald, Rider University (PDF Download)

Swithin Wilmot, University of the West Indies, Mona (PDF Download)

Katherine Gerbner, University of Minnesota (PDF Download)

Response by: Richard S. Dunn, Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania and Co-Executive Officer, American Philosophical Society

Panel #5: The Cultural Construction of Race and Identity

Kristen Block, University of Tennessee—Knoxville, “Contagion and Isolation: Leprosy Discourse and the Transatlantic Slave Trade” (PDF Download)

Katheryn Dungy, St. Michael’s College, “A Fusion of the Races: Race, Class and Gender in Colonial Puerto Rico, 1790-1850” (PDF Download)

Gail Saunders, College of the Bahamas, “Passing for White in Bahamian Society, late Nineteenth Century to early Twentieth Century” (PDF Download)

Anju Reejhsinghani, University of Wisconsin, “Cuban Boxing on the Margins, 1910s to 1950s” (PDF Download)

Panel #6: Forced Diasporas of the Indigenous Circum-Caribbean

Erin Stone, University of West Florida, “Seeking Refuge: The Flight of the Tainos from Spanish Conquerors in the Sixteenth-Century Circum-Caribbean (PDF Download)

Linford Fisher, Brown University, “Atlantic Indian Slavery and Indian Middle Passages” (PDF Download)

James L. Hill, Ph.D. Student, College of William and Mary, “‘They can Neither Help Themselves Nor Us’: The Bahamas as a Place of Refuge in the Creek and Seminole Wars, 1812-1820” (PDF Download)

Mariana C. Francozo, Leiden University, “Diasporic Objects: Indigenous Objects in European Museums” (PDF Download)

Panel #7:  New Interdisciplinary Approaches around Spanish America in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Alice V.M. Samson, University of Cambridge, and Jago E. Cooper, British Museum, “The Writing on the Wall: Intercultural Interaction on Isla de Mona” (PDF Download)

Paola Schiappacasse, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, “The Use of Documentary Sources as Indicators of Daily Life Aspects in Puerto Rico between 1512-1513: A Historical Archeology Perspective” (PDF Download)

Josué Caamaño-Dones, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, “From the Island of Saba to Puerto Rico: The Maritime Marronage in the Caribbean, 1656-1673” (PDF Download)

Juan Ponce-Vázquez, St. Lawrence University, “Serving the King while Serving Oneself: Royal Officials, Local Smugglers, and Contraband Culture in Santo Domingo, 1630s-1660s” (PDF Download)

Ricardo Raul Salazar Rey, University of Connecticut, “Religious Institutions and the Enslaved: Cohesion and Cooptation in the Province of Cartagena” (PDF Download)

Panel #8: Diasporic Communities of the Americas

Kameika Murphy, College of Charleston, “Gadsden’s Wharf and Loyalist Evacuations to the Caribbean” (PDF Download)

Fiona Ann Rajkumar, University of the Southern Caribbean, “A Comparative Analysis of the Roles of Chinese Associations in Trinidad and Jamaica” (PDF Download)

Terencia Joseph, University of the Southern Caribbean, “Patterns of Resistance among Indentured Indians in St. Lucia” (PDF Download)

Loverne Jacobs-Browne, University of the Southern Caribbean, “The Indians of Saint Vincent” (PDF Download)

Nicole Burrowes, Pre-doctoral fellow, Carter G. Woodson Institute, University of Virginia, “Overlapping Diasporas: Africans and Indians in British Guiana during the 1930s” (PDF Download)

Panel #9: Envisioning the Homeland: Race, Place, and Reinvention in the Caribbean Diaspora

Glenn A. Chambers, Michigan State University, “Cooks, Waiters, Mechanics, and Race Men: West Indian Merchant Seamen in New Orleans and the Challenges to U.S. Racial Policies” (PDF Download)

Janelle Marlena Edwards, Michigan State University, “In Search of ‘Love, Fraternity, and Benevolence’ in the American West Indian Aid Society, 1915-1936” (PDF Download)

Grace Turner, Antiquities, Monuments, and Museums Corporation, Nassau, Bahamas, “Going to New York: A Guest Worker Program Created by Bahamians” (PDF Download)

Rosemarijn Hoefte, KITLV, “From Nation Building to Nation Branding: The Case of Suriname” (PDF Download)

Panel #10: Colonial Discourses on Poverty, Public Health, and Welfare in the Caribbean

Shani Roper, Smith College, “Harnessing Children’s Labor: The Evolution of Poor Relief in Colonial Jamaica 1857-1938” (PDF Download)

Daniel Rodriguez, Brown University, “The Dangers that Surround the Child: Race, Gender, and Infant Mortality in Post-Independence Havana” (PDF Download)

Brittany Merritt, Ph.D. Student, University of South Florida, “”We who boast of being Little Englanders:’ Struggles over Public Health Reform in Interwar Barbados” (PDF Download)

Heather McCrea, Kansas State University, “Typhoid Fever, Blood Analysis, and Tropical Identity in Cuba” (PDF Download)

Stéphanie Dargaud, Archives territoriales de Saint-Martin, “Se soigner à Saint Martin du XVIIIe siècle à nos jours : organisation des structures médicales à Saint Martin du XVIIe siècle à nos jours, entre médecine militaire et hôpital civil” (PDF Download)

Panel #11: The Material and Spatial Caribbean

Philippe Girard, McNeese University, “Was Plantation Slavery Profitable?” (PDF Download)

Lisa Calvente, DePaul University, and Guadelupe Garcia, Tulane University, “Racist Hauntings and the Monstrosity of Slavery in Plantation Tours of the U.S. South” (PDF Download)

Fernando Picó, Universidad de Puerto Rico, “Prevenciones gubernativas contra fugitivos y acogida y ocultación de los escapados en la década de los 1840 en Puerto Rico” (PDF Download)

Amanda Guzman, Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Berkeley, “An American Model of Culture: Puerto Rico in the Twentieth-Century Museum Imaginary” (PDF Download)

Panel #12 Local Panel—The Bahamas

Ian Bethell-Bennett, College of the Bahamas, “”Constructing Blackness, Building a Dangerous Other: Haitians in The Bahamas”

John D. Burton, DePaul University, “Educating the Country: Bahamian Out Island Schools, 1870-1930” (PDF Download)

Virginia Ballance and Tracey L. Thompson, College of the Bahamas, “Nurses and Nursing in the Post-War Era: A Study of the Bahamian Experience” (PDF Download)

Stephen B. Aranha, The College of The Bahamas, “Bahamianness as an Exclusive Good: Attempting to Change the Constitution, 2002” (PDF Download)

Desiree K. Major-Corneille, dual MA Candidate, Brandeis University, “The Limitations of Purity—The Implications of the 100% Bahamian phenomenon: Migration, Identity and Conflict” (PDF Download)

Panel #13:  Controlling Sexuality in the Caribbean

Trevor Burnard, University of Melbourne, “The Foundations of Patriarchy in Slave Households: Enslaved Men as Fathers and Husbands in Berbice, 1819-1822” (PDF Download)

Katherine Paugh, University of Wisconsin, “Conceiving Fertility in the Age of Abolition: Slavery, Sexuality, and the Politics and Knowledge” (PDF Download)

Diana Paton, Newcastle University, “Sexual Violence and Crime in Post-Slavery Jamaica” (PDF Download)

Chelsea Schields, Goucher College, “A Tale of Two Campos: Aruba, Curacao, and the Debate over the Campo Alegre Brothels, 1950-1960” (PDF Download)

Panel #14: The Structure and Significance of British Slavery

Nicholas Draper, University College London, “The Slavery Networks of George Baillie, Merchant of London and St. Vincent: Credit, the State, and British Colonial Slavery” (PDF Download)

Katie Donington, University College London, “The Ties that Bind: Family, Slavery, Commerce and the Making of a West Indian Fortune” (PDF Download)

Kristy Warren, University College London, “What the Slave Registers Reveal about the Working Lives of Enslaved Children in St. Kitts” (PDF Download)

Margaret Williamson, Dartmouth College, “Naming and Agency on Blue Mountain Plantation” (PDF Download)

Kate Ramsey, University of Miami, “That Active and Terrible Power: Enlightenment Theories of Imagination and Afro-Caribbean Spirituality” (PDF Download)

Panel #15: Environments of Economy

Ross Nedervelt, Ph.D. Student, Florida International University, “The Bahamian Debate on Taxation and Representation in the Era of the American Revolution” (PDF Download)

Michael Bradshaw, Independent Scholar, “The Friendly Societies of Bermuda: A Case Study of ‘Packwood Old Folks Home’ and the Genesis of Trade Unionism in Bermuda” (PDF Download)

Yvette Haughton, MPhil Student, University of the West Indies, Mona, “The Development of the Banana Trade and the Growth of Port Towns in Eastern Jamaica, 1860-1935” (PDF Download)

Deidre Myers, Ph.D. Student, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, “Law, Policy and the Environment: Environmental Law and Policy History of Wetlands in Barbados” (PDF Download)