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50th Association of Caribbean Historians Annual Meeting
Barbados, June 10-15, 2018


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Registration: TBA


TBA Panel #1: President’s Roundtable: The ACH@50: Continuity, Change and Challenge

CHAIR: Rosemarijn Hoefte, Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast and Caribbean Studies (KITLV)



9:00-10:30am Panel #2: [LOCAL PANEL] TBA

10:30-10:45am COFFEE BREAK

10:45-12:15pm Panel #3: Emancipation and its Immediate Aftermath

CHAIR: Roderick McDonald, Rider University                      


“Anxiety and Self-Assurance in Negotiating Emancipation in Bermuda’s House of Assembly”, Sarah Hannon and Neil Kennedy, Memorial University

“Land, Sovereignty and Belonging in Rural 19th Century Haiti: Towards a Caribbean Historiography of Repair”, Winter Schneider, UCLA

“An Overlooked Land Transfer Agency in post Slavery: Land Speculators in Barbados, 1840-1870”, Woodville Marshall, UWI Cave Hill Campus

“An Expedition for Freedom: Messrs. Peck and Prince in Trinidad and Guiana, 1839-40”, Dexter Gabriel, University of Connecticut

12:15-1:30pm LUNCH

1:30-3:00pm Panel #4: Caribbean Archives: The Interplay between History and Digital Archives

CHAIR: Cherri-Ann Beckles, West Indies Federal Archive Centre, UWI Cave Hill


“New Sources and Wider Access for Records of Caribbean Slave Societies”, Angela Sutton, Vanderbilt University

“Processing the Barbados Synagogue Restoration Project Records: Reflections and Opportunities for Future Projects”, Amalia Levy, Archiveland Consulting

“Because the Future of Caribbean History Lives in Rereading its Past: Digitizing the Barbados Mercury Gazette”, Lissa Paul, Brock University

“Various Initiatives in the Barbados Archives Department”, Ingrid Thompson, Barbados Archives

3:00-3:15pm COFFEE BREAK

3:15-4:45pm Panel #5: Special Roundtable -- Hurricane Impacts on Caribbean Educational & Heritage Sites: Urgent Needs and Long Term Challenges

CHAIR: Jennifer Anderson, Stony Brook University


9:00-10:30am Panel #6: Text and Testimony: The Challenges of Sources

CHAIR: Clara Palmsite, Université des Antilles, DPLSH, Guadeloupe


“Oral and Written Storytelling: Study of a Martinique family with African ‘slave’ Ancestors”, Céline Flory, CNRS/ EHESS

“A History of Indigenous, African, and South Asian Clandestine and Otherworldly Knowledge in the Essequibo”, Vikram Tamboli, University of Wisconsin, Madison

“Death and Burial of Slaves in the French West Indies”, Gérard LaFleur, Société d’histoire de la Guadeloupe        

"An Early Edict on Slavery in English America: The Barbados Resolution of 1636."Jerome Handler, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

“Locating Women in Archives of Pain”, Anasa Hicks, Florida State University

10:30-10:45am COFFEE BREAK

10:45-12:15pm Panel #7: Network News: Comparative Black Transnationalism Before and After Emancipation

CHAIR: Matthew Smith, UWI Mona Campus


“Bordeaux’s Lost Caribbean Roots”, Lorelle Semley, College of the Holy Cross

“Networks of Liberty and Equality in the Revolutionary Caribbean”, Michelle Reid-Vazquez, University of Pittsburgh

“‘So Far to Leeward’: Eliza Moore’s Freedom Journey as Imperial Subject and Fugitive Cosmopolitan”, Natasha Lightfoot, Columbia University

“‘Dominica’s Salvation’: Seeking Caribbean Prosperity at the Close of the Nineteenth Century”, Anne Eller, Yale University

“Defining Boundaries: The NAACP in the Caribbean, 1910-30”, Caroline Emmons, Hampden Sydney College

12:15-1:30pm LUNCH

1:30-3:00pm Panel #8: Slavery, Power and Authority

CHAIR: Gad Heuman, Warwick University


“‘He Had Heard the Bay of the Bloodhound’: Slave Dogs, Plantocracy Power and Abolitionism”, Charlton Yingling, University of Louisville

“Fields of Caribbean History: Slavery and Disability”, Stefanie Kennedy, University of New Brunswick

“‘Duro es confesarlo…’: The Emotional Undercurrents and Comparative Importance of Cuban Slaveholder Candour”, Liana Valerio, University of Warwick

“How Rumours of Slave Rebellion United the Black Diaspora, 1725-1745”, Justin Pope, Missouri University of Science and Technology

“Refiguring the Fedon Rebellion of 1795 and its Source Base”, Kit Candlin, University of Newcastle

3:00pm-3:15pm COFFEE BREAK

3.15-3.30 pm POSTER SESSION A

“Sources to Tell Stories: First Day Covers of the Anglophone Caribbean”, Allison Ramsay, UWI St. Augustine Campus

3:30-5:00pm Panel #9: Out of Line: Confinement and Trapped Bodies

CHAIR: Phillippe Girard, McNeese University


“Refuse Bodies, Disposable Lives: African Captives and Death in Ports During the Early Atlantic Slave Trade”, Marisa Fuentes, Rutgers University

“‘Reduced to Slavery’: Kidnapping and Illegal Enslavement in the Caribbean, 1830-60”, Randy Sparks, Tulane University

“After Sale: Newly Enslaved Africans, Smallpox Quarantine and Re-Embarkation in the Eighteenth Century Caribbean”, Elise Mitchell, New York University

 “Psychopathologizing the Jibaro: Psychiatry and Incarceration in Mid-Twentieth Century Puerto Rico”, Alberto Ortiz Diaz, University of Iowa


8:30am-10:00am Panel #10: Transplanting Cultures: Caribbean Movement and Identities

CHAIR: Kristin Block, Florida Atlantic University


“Legal Transplantation in the British West Indies and the Reverberations thereof, 1500-1700s” Justine Collins, Max Planck Institute for European Legal History

 “Pappo and the Breadfruit: Pacific Islands, Race and Slavery ca. 1793”, Kevin McDonald, Loyala Marymount University

“Vanishing morenos and foreign negros in late-colonial Santo Domingo”, Maria Cecilia Ulrickson, University of Notre Dame

“Haiti and the French Antilles in the 19th Century: Migrations and Social Portrayals”, Delide Joseph, CNRS/ EHESS

“Neither Soldiers nor Warriors: The West India Regiments in the 1873-4 Anglo-Asante War and the Remaking of African-Caribbean Identities”, David Lambert, University of Warwick

10:00-10:15am COFFEE BREAK

10:15-11:45am Panel #11: Public Health, Welfare, and Governance in the British Caribbean, 1860s-1970s

CHAIR: Debbie McCollin, UWI St. Augustine Campus

“‘We Want Practical Sympathy’: Rehabilitation, Welfare Policy, and the Problem of the Disabled Veteran in the Interwar Caribbean”, Reena Goldthree, Princeton University

“Colonial Welfare and Girlhood: Girls’ Work and Lives at the Government Reformatory in Jamaica 1869 – 1937”, Shani Roper, Liberty Hall: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey

“The Moyne Commission: Health and Nation-Building in the British Caribbean”, Brittany Merritt, St. John’s University

“‘Linking the Global and the Local’: Tackling Child Malnutrition in the Post-independent Anglophone Caribbean”, Henrice Altink, University of York 

11:45-12:00 pm COFFEE BREAK

12.00-12.15pm POSTER SESSION B

“The Story of Cerasee: A Miraculous Plant”, Anthony Richards and Jeanette Allsopp, UWI, Cave Hill Campus

12:15-1:45pm Panel #12:  Contesting Narratives in Caribbean Intellectual Traditions

CHAIR: Claudius Fergus, UWI St. Augustine Campus


“Reconsidering Neglect and Erasure of the Dutch Caribbean in Caribbean Historiography”, Margo Groenewoud, University of Curaçao

“The Existence or not of an Antillean Art Form (1923-1946): A Fragmented Recollection?”, Christelle Lozère-Bernard, AIHP-GEODE, Université des Antilles

“Reparation and First Peoples in Trinidad (and Tobago?): (Re)making History Visible”, Godfrey Steele, UWI, St. Augustine Campus

“The Politics of Change: Pedagogical Approaches to Caribbean Museum History and Curatorship”, Alissandra Cummins, Karen Brown and Anne’el Bain, Barbados Museum and Historical Society and University of St. Andrew’s

In the tradition of the Association of Caribbean Historians Conference, Wednesday afternoon is left unscheduled to allow participants the opportunity to explore the historic sites and cultural opportunities of Barbados. 



9:00-10:30am Panel #13: Family and Gender in Slavery and Freedom

CHAIR: Edward Rugemer, Yale University


“Drivers, Enslaved Women, and Gendered Power on Caribbean Plantations”, Randy Browne, Xavier University

“‘Sally will by no means learn to be a seamstress’: Enslaved Girlhood and Negotiations of Power and Authority in the Colonial Caribbean”, Cecily Jones, University of Warwick

 “‘If I Should Fall Behind’: Motherhood, Marriage and Migration in the Mid-Nineteenth Century Leeward Islands”, Jessica Roitman, KITLV

 “Comparative Reproductions: The Family in Women’s Travel Writings in the Circum-Caribbean, 1800-60”, Rikki Bettinger, University of Houston

10:30-10:45am COFFEE BREAK

10.45-11.15am POSTER SESSION C

“The Evolution of the Barbados Petroleum Industry in the Wake of the 1973 and 1979 Oil Crisis”, Sylvan Spooner, UWI Cave Hill

“The Physical Development of an Island through the Lens of Tourism”, Angelica Jackson, Parsons The New School

11.15-12:45pm Panel #14: Decolonisation and Identity in the Dutch-speaking Caribbean

CHAIR: Sherry-Ann Singh, UWI St. Augustine


“Jagernath Lachmon and India”, Peter Meel, Leiden University

“Catching the Dutch Double Blind: A Historical Critical Look at the Charter of the Kingdom of the Netherlands”, Lianne Leonora, University of Curaçao

“Insurgent Intimacies: Black Radicalism and Sexual Revolution in the Dutch Atlantic, 1960s to 1970s”, Chelsea Schields, Elizabethtown College

“Tis We Ting, All Ah We: The Historical Development of Carnival on St. Maarten”, Carla Eveyln Vlaun, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

12:45-1:00pm POSTER SESSION D

“The Parts Unknown: An Examination of the Socio-Economic Progress of the Trinidad Syrian/ Lebanese Community during the Twentieth Century”, Fiona Rajkumar, The University of Southern Caribbean

1:00-2:00pm LUNCH

2:00-5:00pm Annual General Meeting                             

7:00-11:00pm DINNER AND FÊTE





Tara Inniss, Secretary-Treasurer, Association of Caribbean Historians: